Who we are to the Foodservice Industry. Distributor. Operator. Manufacturer.

eFoodUSA is a value-added eCommerce provider of internet-based solutions and services for the Foodservice Industry. Our primary objective is to integrate the requirements of the Operator, Distributor and Manufacturer into a user-friendly, web-based solution for Direct Order Entry, Operator Inventory and Operator Reporting. Our goal is to enhance operations of all three components of the Foodservice Distribution chain.

eFoodUSA-Powered Websites are utilized by
Foodservice Distributors across the United States.


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How We Started

The genesis of eFoodUSA occurred in mid-1998 when an innovative foodservice distributor had the desire to develop a dynamic web-based system. The system evolved and was shaped with significant input from the three foodservice communities that it would ultimately help. The resulting innovations were so successful that several professionals from various areas of the foodservice and technology communities incorporated eFoodUSA in late 1999.

Several version updates later, we now service foodservice operators, distributors and manufacturers across the country with a variety of features harnessed via eFoodUSA-powered websites.

Company Milestones